The Bible Through the Eyes of a Child

Children’s Church is in the Main Sanctuary Church Service on the second Sabbath of the month on a quarterly basis.
Families with young children are invited to sit in the reserved seating in the front middle of the church in order for children to be engaged with the service that is ultimate geared for and inspired by them. These pews are lined with activities and gifts for children to enjoy and share with a friend. The next Children's Church will be January 9 in the Main Sanctuary starting at 10:40am, during the regular worship service. 

The next Children's Church will be "Isaac & Rebekah". We are progressively moving through the Bible reliving the stories together every 3rd month. Each Bible story comes to life with the help of children. During the service children get to sing, interact with the story and sermon all as the family worships God together. After the church service a "Snack Craft" is provided in the courtyard for children to recreate the story while enjoying a tasty treat.

Starting February 6 Children's Church will also occur outside of the Sanctuary Sabbath morning in the Youth Center on the first Sabbath of the month.  For more information, locations, and dates see the graph below:(dates and locations are subject to change). 

Date Title Location
January 9 Isaac & Rebekah: When God is the Matchmaker Sanctuary
February 6    Follow the Map: The Bible is God's Word Youth Center
March 5    Three Way Intersection: The Trinity Youth Center
April 9 Jacob & Esau: When God Intervenes a Sibling Rivalry Sanctuary 
May 7    Road Construction Ahead: God Created You Youth Center
June 4 NO CHILDREN'S CHURCH Youth Center
July  Vacation Bible School Sanctuary
August 6 NO CHILDREN'S CHURCH Youth Center
September 3    STOP: Sin is Disobeying God Youth Center
October 8 Rachel & Leah: The Girl No One Wanted Sanctuary
November 5    One-Way: Only Jesus Can Erase Sin Youth Center
December  Family Christmas Program Youth Center